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Get the right trade license in Dubai for your business

One of the main requirements for setting up a business in the city of Dubai is getting a permit to operate. Essentially, an officially recognised trade license is a certification issued by a municipal authority to an investor, business, or individual that permits the recipient to commence a specific business or trade in a particular sector, zone or area. Without the requisite certification, a professional practitioner or business cannot proceed with operations.

Get throughthe acquisition process quickly and efficiently, with the help of Entrepreneurs Business Services today.

Helping businesses and companies acquire their trade license in Dubai as quickly as possible

Here at EBS, we aim to provide our clients with specialised solutions that are designed to produce the best and quickest results. We understand that trying to acquire a permit to operate is a long-winding process involving the submission of different requirements and clearing of various paperwork. Instead of being bogged down by the red tape, let our setup specialists do the legwork for you.

We will provide comprehensive setup support and license acquisition assistance to you, through an experienced dedicated specialist. We will help you identify the proper permit for your business amongst the different types of licenses that have to obtained for specific fields of specialty:

  • General trading license–a general trading license is required from businesses and companies involved in importing and exporting products into Dubai. Commodities such as automobiles, medical products, and alcohol require this type of permit for import and export.
  • Industrial permit –this type of permit is served to companies involved in corporate-scale manufacturing and industrial operations.
  • Professional permit – this is granted to individuals who deliver professional services such as craftsmen and artisans.

Processing of trade license renewal in Dubai

On the other hand, if you already have an established venture in the city and are only looking to renew or amend your permit to operate, we can also help you. We have specialists who are highly familiar with the extensive process of license renewal and license amendment in Dubai. Our company can help you get through the transition smoothly and quickly.

Partner with EBS, and you can focuss on what really matters – growing your business.

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